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Net-alyzer for MailGate

Internet statistical analysis
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Net-alyzer for MailGate
Net-alyzer for MailGate processes the information generated by the MailGate Mail Log Extension Module.
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Net-alyzer for MailGate

Works with MailGate via the MailGate Mail Log Extension to provide highly detailed logging for both mail and proxy activity, displayed in graphical and numerical form, analysed by individual, workgroup and department.

With Net-alyzer in place you can safely establish acceptable boundaries of Internet activity.

Net-alyzer reports are produced by a simple report wizard which allows features to be defined or changed as required. In addition, each report can be charted using a wide range of controls, e.g. specifying which columns to graph, '2D' or '3D' format, legend and axis description.

The definitions use the following basic report types, from which almost any report can then be configured; Combined Account Usage, Sites accessed by Person, Website Directories by Person, Combined Quarter Hourly Usage, External E-mail Addresses by Volume and Chronological Mail and Chronological Firewall/Proxy activity.
  • It is possible to configure reports to operate for any period or for convenient periods such as 'last week'. Such periods can be set for any of the supplied definitions.
  • Each report can be set for different people or groups within an organisation.
  • It is possible to refine reports with specified filters, for example:
    'large download', 'streaming service', 'out of hours', 'real audio & video' or 'chat and gaming'.
  • Individual columns can be included or excluded from reports, i.e. some reports consist of more than ten columns, however for a specific purpose it may be preferable to display only six of these.
  • Individual reports can be sorted by column allowing the user to create useful reports that may not have been envisaged previously. It is also possible t olimit the output of reports by presenting, for example, only the first one hundred records.
  • Activity is divided into three main classes, 'Web', 'Non-Web', and 'E-mail'.
  • Data from all reports in 'normalised' so that all data relating to a given item is presented in a single row, facilitating transfer to other applications.
  • Reports in Excel or HTML format can be further customised by embedding the reports in a template. For example, it is possible to arrange reports to include a user's logo and distinctive message at the top and base of the report.
  • Reports can be output to screen, file, printer, e-mail or Web in a variety of formats including .xls, and HTML. In addition, an individual report can be sent to several of the above destinations simultaneously. Sophisticated report scheduling and detailed filtering are also available.

For more information, you can view a 2-page PDF fact-sheet.

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