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Stratesave Server & Network Lite

backup and restore
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Stratesave Server & Network Lite - backup and full restore for networked Windows 2003/XP/2000 systems. Includes Open File and Disaster Recovery options with 2003 and XP systems.
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Includes following agents and options:
Open File Option
Disaster Recovery Agent
Network Agent
AutoLoader Agent

Available seperately:
SQL Server Agent
Exchange Server Agent
SQL Server and Exchange Server can be backed up through VSS on Windows 2003, without the need of the SQL and Exchange agents.
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Stratesave Server & Network Lite

Full backup/restore and disaster recovery for your entire network, making protection of your critical data easy and reliable.

One product and all Agents in one package
Stratesave Server and Network gives you the tools you need to backup and restore your Windows network. It allows local backup and restore of one Windows server, and remote backup of unlimited networked Windows servers and workstations.

This product includes all Stratesave Agents, for local and Network Backup, including Agents for Open File Backup (VSS), Disaster Recovery (ASR), and Network Agent (see left menu for information).

By using all of the applications in one bundle together, you can integrate your local and networked file/database backups in a single solution, allowing you to complete backup and recovery tasks easily and quickly.

In addition, you can count on prompt and free online tech support

Since Stratesave uses Windows Networking for Remote Backup, the recommended Operating System for the Backup Server (where Stratesave is installed) is either Windows XP Professional or Windows Server 2003.

If none of the Backup Clients are Windows XP or Windows 2003, a Windows 2000 Professional or Server will also work as Backup Server.

If all Backup clients are Windows NT 4 or Windows 9x/ME, a Windows NT 4 will also work as Backup Server.

Windows XP Professional as Backup Server allows remote Backup of all Windows Operating Systems and Databases, including Server versions.

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