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Stratesave Desktop & Laptop

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Stratesave Desktop & Laptop - backup for Windows XP and Windows 2000 Workstation. Includes Open File and Disaster Recovery with XP Pro.
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Includes following agents and options:
Open File Option
Disaster Recovery Agent
AutoLoader Agent

Available seperately:
Network Agent
SQL Server Agent
Exchange Server Agent
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Stratesave Desktops & Laptops

Full backup and restore for desktop and laptop machines, making protection of your critical data easy and reliable.

Stratesave provides full backup to tape or disk; this can be performed manually, or automated with versatile scheduling.

Stratesave, with its user-friendly interface, has a well-designed, flexible backup rotation scheme with automated tape-management features. Stratesave guides you through all the required steps in both backup and restore, prompting for tapes/disks and notifying of any problems.

Stratesave 5.1 Desktops & Laptops provides backup to fixed drives (including networked drives on a remote server), tapes or removable drives (including CD/DVD). For Windows Server Xp and Windows 2000 Professional.

Note: full backup for server and network clients is avaiable via Stratesave Server and Network.

  • Hassle-free daily backup
  • Includes agents for Open File Backup (VSS) and Disaster Recovery (ASR)
  • Backup to tapes, fixed disk (including networked disks), removable disks, CD/DVD
  • True Compare - to list changes in your PC data and configuration in backup

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