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NAC Advanced
Sophos NAC Advanced offers the most comprehensive and easy-to-deploy network access control solution available, giving you the ability to control who and what is connecting to the network.
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Sophos NAC Advanced

  • Stops unauthorized, guest or non-compliant systems accessing your network
  • Ensures all computers conform to a defined security policy
  • Simple to deploy and easy to use
  • Installs on top of your existing infrastructure
  • Allows easy identification and isolation of unmanaged computers

Complete protection

Peace of mind

Multiple enforcement options, used alone or in combination, provide comprehensive enforcement coverage both before and during connection, protecting against threats posed by unauthorized, unknown, compromised, or misconfigured computers.

Agent or agentless assessment options

Whether connecting via the LAN or remotely, wired or wireless, or from managed or unmanaged computers, Sophos NAC Advanced provides comprehensive client or clientless assessment options for managed and unmanaged computers.

Central endpoint policy control

Simple to use

An intuitive web interface is pre-populated with point-and-click assessment definitions for all major security applications, OS patches and unwanted peer-to-peer applications, giving you easy control to define and manage your security policy.

Centrally defined policies

Extensive policy-building capabilities combining the awareness of the user's role, access method, computer health and available threat responses in determining the appropriate enforcement action.

Easy identification and isolation of computers

Based on assessment, computers can be permitted or denied access to your network, isolated, automatically remediated for specific application detection capabilities, quarantined for remediation, or sent alerts.

Easy to deploy

Enhance the ROI of your existing infrastructure

Sophos NAC Advanced is vendor-neutral and fits within your existing network infrastructure, so you don't need major hardware upgrades or changes to pre-configured user groups. All major security applications can be detected within a range of predefined rules.

Flexible deployment for phased enforcement

A single, central policy mode control enables you to phase enforcement steps as it makes sense for you - from Report Only, through Remediate, to Enforce - avoiding an all-or-nothing approach.

Expert one-to-one assistance, 24/7

Sophos NAC Advanced includes unlimited 24-hour telephone, email, and online support, 365 days a year for the duration of the license.

Sophos NAC Informant

This additional Sophos NAC Advanced component silently monitors your network to detect and identify unknown and unauthorized computers where no enforcement coverage is available.

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