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Web, e-mail, and network security
Astaro Security Gateway Software

Astaro Security Gateway Software
The software that powers Astaro Security Gateway appliances may be licensed separately for customers who wish to use their own computing equipment to achieve Network Assurance. When installed on your hardware, all the features of an Astaro Security Gateway are available.
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Astaro Security Gateway Software Features

Network protection

Control who accesses your network when and from where with tightly integrated Firewall, IPS, and VPN.

Astaro Security Gateways provide real-time protection for any size network:
  • Attack and probe protection at the perimeter
  • Traffic filtering for blended attacks and exploits
  • Secure remote access for employees
  • Safe and simple networking of branch offices
Astaro Security Gateways achieve network protection by using multiple, integrated technologies:
  • High-performance stateful inspection firewall
  • Intrusion prevention with over 6,000 signatures
  • Virtual Private Networking with SSL/IPSec/L2TP/PPTP
  • Bandwidth management to prioritize important streams

Web filtering

Filter and audit employee or student web access to ensure compliance and improve security and productivity.

Astaro Security Gateways enable extremely high levels of web traffic control by:
  • Preventing virus and spyware infections;
  • Controlling access to non-productive web sites; and
  • Providing granular reporting on compliance.
Astaro Security Gateways feature a rich set of web filtering techniques, including:
  • Dual virus scanning with constantly updated signature databases;
  • Spyware filtering that protects both inbound and outbound traffic; and
  • User based web-filtering, with the world's largest real-time URL database.

E-mail security

Clean all SMTP, POP3, and Webmail traffic from viruses, spam, and phishing attacks.

Astaro Security Gateways provide complete, integrated high-performance e-mail protection:
  • Better security by blocking viruses and worms
  • Improved productivity by eliminating spam
  • Higher privacy by filtering phishing and spyware attacks
Complete e-mail protection is achieved by integrating various techniques:
  • Dual virus scanning -- messages go through two engines
  • Eight anti-spam techniques -- always the latest protection
  • User-managed quarantine -- permits easy administration
  • World's largest URL database -- effective phishing detection
  • SMTP, POP3, and HTTP proxies -- filtering business and personal email

Security management

Manage and deploy all of your network security applications from one location using one intuitive browser-based user interface.

Astaro Security Gateways' security features are completely integrated, so that administrative effort is reduced and protection is increased. Configuration of Astaro Security Gateways is accomplished through an extremely easy-to-use web-based interface.

  • Installation wizards and default configurations simplify deployment
  • Context-sensitive help includes examples for every function
  • Menu options and labeling make sense to network administrators
Alternatively, large deployments of Astaro Security Gateways can efficiently be managed from one location through the Astaro Command Center (see Management software):
  • Simplification of initial deployment and configuration
  • Central monitoring of system status and security
  • Easy access to local configuration from one location

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