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vat information
TAX NOTE: For non-UK sales (exports) only.

EC States

If you are located in an EC Member state and do not want to pay UK VAT, you must supply a valid TVA number (please see table on right for valid TVA formats).

Other Countries

If you are not located in an EC Member state your purchase is not liable to UK taxes. You will pay list price only and no VAT will be charged.

If you are uncertain about your position regarding UK VAT please contact us.

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vat formats
Valid TVA Formats
  X - represents an alphabetical character
  n - represents a number.
Country Country Code Number Length Number Format Additional Info
Austria AT 9 Unnnnnnnn Number must start with U
Belgium BE 9 nnnnnnnnn  
Denmark DK 8 nnnnnnnn  
Finland FI 8 nnnnnnnn  
France FR 11 nnnnnnnnnnn
Alphabetical characters I and O are invalid.
Germany DE 9 nnnnnnnnn Must be 9 character code, not 10 character variant.
Greece EL 8 nnnnnnnn  
Ireland IE 8 nnnnnnnX
Italy IT 11 nnnnnnnnnnn  
Luxembourg LU 8 nnnnnnnn  
Netherlands NL 12 nnnnnnnnnBnn Last three characters of number must be B followed by any number from 01 - 99.
Portugal PT 9 nnnnnnnnn  
Spain ES 9 Xnnnnnnnn
Sweden SE 12 nnnnnnnnnn01 Last two characters must be 01.
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