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Stratesave Server & Network

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Stratesave Server & Network - the complete solution for your networked systems. Includes agents for SQL Server and Exchange Server.
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Includes following agents and options:
Open File Option
Disaster Recovery Agent
Network Agent
SQL Server Agent
Exchange Server Agent
AutoLoader Agent
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Exchange Server Agent

Stratesave Exchange Server Agent enables backup of Exchange Server 2003 and 2000 databases.

Note: Remote Exchange Server backups are supported with Network Agent.

The backups are performed through the Exchange server backup programming interface, to assure accuracy of backed up data. Alternatively, Exchange Server 2003 can also be backed up through the VSS interface, using Stratesave's OpenFile option.

Backups can be full, differential or incremental. Incremental backups are for very frequent backups, e.g. every 10 minutes, to be able recover the databases to almost actual state in case of an unexpected disk crash. Incremental backups are stored to fixed disk.

During restore, Stratesave automatically restores the full backup, differential and all incremental backups in the correct order, to recover the database to its most recent state.

If required, databases can optionally be restored to file for manual processing.

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