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Stratesave Server & Network

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Stratesave Server & Network - the complete solution for your networked systems. Includes agents for SQL Server and Exchange Server.
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Includes following agents and options:
Open File Option
Disaster Recovery Agent
Network Agent
SQL Server Agent
Exchange Server Agent
AutoLoader Agent
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Disaster Recovery Agent

Stratesave's Disaster Recovery Agent provides rapid and easy recovery of data, keeping downtime to a minimum with its simple recovery process.

Although Stratesave supports a full restore facility for all versions of your Windows PCs, the difference with Disaster Recovery is that it's not necessary to reinstall Windows.

Stratesave Disaster Recovery Agent allows you to completely recover Windows 2003 and Windows XP systems, without reinstalling Windows and Stratesave. It is based on the Automated System Recovery (ASR) built into Windows 2003 and XP Professional, and uses a ASR Disaster Recovery Floppy disk.

For Disaster Recovery, boot the PC from Windows CD, press F2 and provide the ASR Floppy disk. This will automatically format the System drive and setup a minimized Windows System and finally start the Stratesave Restore Program.

The System can then be fully restored from there, including System State.
  • Bases on Automated System Recovery (ASR) built in Windows 2003 and Windows XP.
  • Eliminate the need to first reload the entire operating system after a system crash.
  • Supported for Windows XP Professional and Windows 2003.
  • With Stratesave Network Agent, allows Remote Disaster Recovery over Network. In this case, it is not necessary to create the ASR Floppy disk in advance, but it can be created on the Backup Server from the stored Backup when needed.
  • During ASR Restore, Stratesave provides a Wizard to configure the Network of Backed up computer, and map Network drives. This allows for Remote Disaster recovery, or restore from mapped drive.

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