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OpenHand SoHosted
OpenHand SoHosted is the perfect solution if you do not host your own email server.
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What OpenHand provides

Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Public Folders
Very Low Operating Costs
Data Security whether working in real-time or off-line
On-device encryption
Highly Secure - Link encryption
Your Choice Of Platform
Streamlined Connectivity
Ultra-Fast Remote Access
Worldwide Access - Use Any Mobile Network
Flexible Pricing Model
Easy To Install And Use

Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Public Folders Too
Fast, secure access to real-time email (and attachments), calendar, tasks and contacts via laptop or hand-held devices including Palm, Pocket PC and Symbian.
  • View, create, send and receive email and attachments plus new email alerts
  • View, create, update appointments in real-time so no risk of double-booking, invite attendees and accept/decline meeting invitations
  • View, create and update contacts plus dial from contacts
  • View, create and update tasks.
  • Full search and sorting on email and contacts and sorting of tasks
  • Access to shared documents in public folders

Very Low Operating Costs
OpenHand combines advanced data compression and latency reduction technology to deliver data very quickly. Built to run over the slowest readily available mobile networks (such as GSM), OpenHand consistently outperforms others in terms of speed to access the information important to you, in the format you want it. OpenHand's superior speed and data efficiency makes it cheaper, as mobile data charges will be lower.

Data Security whether working in real-time or working off-line
OpenHand gives you the option of working in real-time, or downloading the information to your device and working offline. If you choose to work in real-time, the information is not stored on the mobile device - it is held only on your organisation's server. This means there is no risk to your information if your device is lost or stolen. Alternatively, OpenHand allows you to store emails, calendar items, contacts and tasks locally on the device (this feature must first be enabled by your server administrator). These files can then be accessed and edited when you are offline (they are also accessible when working online), and uploaded when you next connect. Unlike synchronisation, which transfers all files, OpenHand allows you to save only the required files.

On-device encryption
OpenHand encrypts locally saved emails, contacts, calendar entries and tasks using AES (128bit). The encrypted client is unlocked using a local password. OpenHand does not encrypt downloaded files. Third party applications are available that will encrypt the file structure of your device.

Highly Secure Link encryption
OpenHand applies the highest recognised level of encryption, 128bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to safeguard all data transferred to field users from the OpenHand server. The communication is proprietary, which means that - unlike other remote server software, such as Microsoft® IIS - only OpenHand users can communicate with the OpenHand server.

Your Choice Of Platform
OpenHand puts you in charge: compatible with a variety of PDAs and laptops, there is no need to purchase dedicated mobile devices with limited functionality. OpenHand is available for PC's, laptops and mobile devices running:

  • Windows (95, 98, NT, 2000, XP)
  • PocketPC (2000, 2002, 2003, Windows Mobile 2003 for PPC (including 2nd Edition), PPC Phone Edition)
  • Palm (OS3 and above) / Sony Clie / Treo
  • Symbian UIQ (Sony Ericsson P800/P900/P910i)
  • Symbian Series 60 (Nokia 6600 and 7610)
  • Symbian Series 80 (Nokia 9300/9500)
  • MS Smartphone

System Requirements Exchange
System Requirements Exchange OpenHand Software recommends the following minimum dedicated server specification (100 concurrent users and below):
IBM Compatible PC, 800 Mhz Intel Pentium III Processor or Equivalent, 256 MB RAM, 500 MB Free Disk Space, 10/100 MB Network Card
Software Requirements Exchange
MS Exchange V5.5, 2000 or 2003,
MS Windows NT, MS Windows 2000 Server, MS Windows 2000 Pro, MS Windows 2003 Server, or MS XP Pro + accompanying service packs*
MS .NET Framework (1.0 or 1.1) + accompanying service packs*,
MS Outlook (set as default mail client)

* (Note: Please visit the Microsoft website (www.microsoft.com) for further information and to download the latest Service Packs and Critical Security Updates available.)

System Requirements Lotus Domino:
Minimum x86 hardware Requirements OpenHand Software recommends the following minimum dedicated server specification (100 concurrent users and below):
IBM Compatible PC, 800 Mhz Intel Pentium III Processor or Equivalent, 256 MB RAM, 500 MB Free Disk Space, 10/100 MB Network Card
Software Requirements Lotus Domino
Lotus Domino version 6

Streamlined Connectivity
OpenHand requires no third party hosting it sits alongside your mail server - it supports all common wireless network protocols, such as GSM, GPRS, WiFi, Bluetooth (PAN), iRda, satellite and without any further configuration or cost will fully support the new 3G networks when they are implemented. OpenHand Server does not need dedicated hardware, although some customers choose to keep the application on a separate server. It can be easily installed on an existing under-utilised application server.

Ultra-Fast Access
OpenHand provides a very fast remote email user experience. Under normal circumstances you can connect to your email inbox in well under 30 seconds.

Worldwide Access - Use Any Mobile Network
Mobile data services are rapidly being rolled out across the world by telecoms providers. Europe is leading the world, but great strides are being made in the Americas, the middle and far East and Australasia. The OpenHand remote email, has been used successfully in all these territories. OpenHand's network independence provides global roaming freedom that most others simply cannot offer.

Flexible Pricing Model
You can choose either a monthly per user subscription or pay a single, one-off licence payment for each user named on the server. User licences are transferable, as employees come and go, the licences can be reused. In addition, one user licence supports all of our client applications, so OpenHand can be accessed by the user on a PDA, laptop and home PC, all for the price of one user licence. Pooling devices running OpenHand within your organisation so that they may be shared almost instantly with other colleagues is a realisable option given the flexibility of licensing.

Easy To Install And Use
OpenHand is simple and non-intrusive - no changes to the Microsoft® Exchange or Lotus Notes® mail server are required. The software runs using almost any remote access network infrastructure, such as VPN, Firewall or RAS. The user interface is based on the standard look and feel of the device being used, to provide an intuitive user experience, meaning that little or no training is required.

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