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Internet connectivity on a single connection. Provides both a mail server and proxy gateway server for your LAN. Highly configurable e-mail handling, Web access with URL filters for restrictions, and create proxies for just about anything.
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MailGate can be expanded via Extension Modules that can be seperately added to your MailGate system.

Mail Manager Extension
Spam Filter Extension
Virus Scanner Extension
Mail Log Extension
List Server Extension
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MailGate Virus Scanner Extension

Add-on Extension Module for MailGate mail and proxy server. Can be installed via the main MailGate installer.

All inbound (POP3 and SMTP), outbound and internal mail including attachments is virus checked as it passes through the MailGate server.
The extension uses the Sophos Anti-Virus Interface detection engine at an API level, thus conserving machine resources. It also interfaces with most other AV products. For more information phone or e-mail us.

The MailGate Virus Scanner Extension is an optional module which provides a link between MailGate and the anti-virus software. Currently Sophos Anti-Virus software, from Sophos Plc is supported at the API level, although the extension works in generic mode with most AV software.

The extension allows all attachments passed through MailGate to be scanned for viruses. If a virus is found the mail will be stopped and various actions taken according to the configuration options selected.

Sophos Anti-Virus (or your preferred anti-virus software) must be installed before the MailGate module can be activated.

When used in conjunction with Sophos Anti-Virus, MailGate invokes the Sophos Anti-Virus Interface Connect as an API, allowing a highly processor-efficient scanning for viruses and avoiding the more usual processor-clogging AV procedure involving the spawning of executables.

When a suspect email or attachment is identified MailGate quarantines it by placing it in a separate folder, or simply deletes it from the system. Encrypted files are optionally passed through or quarantined for separate treatment.

The administrator is notified by email if an infected file is found. Alternatively, the virus is simply removed and the disinfected message forwarded to the recipient. SAV Interface scans archive files, such as ZIP files, in the same way.

Running under Windows NT/2000/XP, SAV Interface will optionally check for Macintosh as well as PC viruses.

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