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Astaro Security Gateway 320

Astaro Security Gateway 320
The Astaro Security Gateway 320, Astaro's best seller, delivers gigabit interfaces and high-performance components to offer excellent performance for larger networks. With the ASG 320, Astaro's famous ease-of-use takes on new meaning as it delivers productivity across your expanding application set and network topology.
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Astaro Report Manager

Astaro Report Manager is a security data collection and reporting tool that makes it easy to collect, correlate and analyze data from Astaro Security Gateways. Astaro Report Manager gives system administrators the ability to respond quickly to attacks, tune defenses, document the effectiveness of their security infrastructure and guarantee compliance.

Astaro Secure Client

The Astaro Secure Client ensures the highest levels of security for VPN connections by providing an IPSec VPN client. Advanced encryption algorithms protect the entire network against unauthorized access. Strong user authentication methods ensure that only authorized users can access the central VPN gateway. An integrated dialer simplifies operations, and a personal firewall prevents hackers from taking over the client and creating a 'backdoor' into the main network.

Astaro Command Center

Astaro Command Center allows for central management of Astaro Security Gateway installations of more than five systems. It graphically provides an overview of the state of each device and critical security events. Management of very large numbers of Astaro Security Gateways is quick and easy.

Astaro Configuration Manager

Astaro Configuration Manager gives you the ability to centrally manage and configure multiple Astaro Security Gateway installations simply and easily.Through the use of a high-level point and click design tool, network designers can create security policies and roll them over their global network automatically.A great tool and time saver for those with multiple Astaro installations.

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